Look, even in periods when the economy is healthiest, the most successful of businesses are looking to get the most bang for their buck. For some businesses, they might consider putting their cleaning budget on the chopping block. Cutting your in-house cleaning services can save you money, but getting rid of your cleaning services out right might actually hurt your business. With this in mind, here are some reasons why Augie’s Janitorial Service thinks you should outsource your cleaning services for your Bloomfield Hills business.

Outsourced Cleaning Services Relieves Your Liability And Insurance Costs

Paying for the insurance and liability costs of your in-house cleaning crew can get expensive fast. For instance, if an in-house cleaning crew member gets run over by a floor waxer, you’ll have to pay for their health care costs. If the same accident occurs to an outsourced cleaning specialist, the service provider will foot the bill. You’re protected against exposure and litigation by shifting the responsibility to the cleaning service provider. It’s standard practice for cleaning companies like Augie’s to have great insurance and liability coverage anyway, so take advantage of it.

You’re Getting More For Less

It’s not uncommon for top-tier cleaning services to do more than just janitorial work. Here at Augie’s, we not only offer carpet cleaning, but we also offer groundskeeping services. That means that a high-quality outsourced cleaning service can look after every element of your building. In many cases, cleaning services also offer infrastructural services, like looking after your HVAC, electrical, and plumbing. An outsourced janitorial service is like having an all-in-one handyman on standby at all times.

Your Aren’t Spending Money On Cleaning Supplies

We’ve all bought the store brand version of a product to save money before, but you shouldn’t have to compromise the cleanliness of your office just to save money. With an in-house cleaning service, you have to purchase all of their supplies and materials. An outsourced cleaning service, on the other hand, will take care of all of that for you. You’ll save money on your cleaning budget, and you’ll enjoy a higher quality of cleaning product being used in your business all at the same time.

You Can Adjust Your Cleaning Schedule More Easily

Your business will experience peaks and valleys, moments where it’s more and less busy. At peak business times, you’ll want more frequent and more detailed cleaning. At slow points, you’ll need less. If you’re relying on an in-house service, you’re probably getting the same quantity and quality of cleaning all year round because you have to keep those employees on the payroll. Using an outsourced cleaning service allows you to schedule cleanings when you need them and pay accordingly.

Cleaning Services In Bloomfield Hills From Augie’s

Don’t suffer a dirty, grungy business just to save a couple bucks every month. Meet with our cleaning consultation experts and allow us to build you a tailored cleaning schedule that meets your needs and your budget. Contact Augie’s Janitorial today and a clean office in Bloomfield Hills all year long.