Who doesn’t love the feeling of a clean carpet? Every step you take on it is like offering your feet a little hug. Not only that, the appearance of a clean carpet does wonders for your soul too. In the office, a clean carpet can signal to your clients that you pay attention to little details and that you want your customers to feel welcome. So how do you make the most of all of these clean carpet feelings? By preparing your carpet for a thorough professional cleaning! As Detroit’s preferred cleaning service, Augie’s Janitorial has assembled this quick guide on how to prepare for your next carpet cleaning.

Remove Any Delicate Objects

While your office may not be adorned with fine vases and precious pieces of artwork, your employees might have some delicate objects sitting on their desk. Before the carpet cleaning company comes in, it’s best to let your employees know that they should store these items in their desk or take them home. After all, no one wants to face Carol in accounting after one of her porcelain cat figurines has been knocked off her desk.

Don’t Forget To Move The Furniture

When vacuuming your own home, you might not move the furniture around, but to truly get the carpets in your office clean, you’ll want to shift some things around. If possible, schedule your carpet cleaning over the course of a day or two. That way, you can move the furniture around as the carpet cleaning company works. They can take care of one corner of the office at a time, and get all of the stains they might have missed if the furniture had stayed in place.

Reserve A Parking Spot For The Carpet Cleaning Crew

If you have onsite parking for your business in Detroit, you might consider allocating a parking spot just for the carpet cleaning company. They’ll likely bring a van (or two depending on how large your workspace is) and will want to park close to the entrance. If need be, convince one of your employees to give up their premium parking space by ploying them with an extra long lunch.

Identify Any Problem Areas Beforehand

Before the carpet cleaning company arrives, take a few minutes to walk through your workplace and examine the carpets. Look for any obvious or unsightly stains or spots that you want to be addressed. Mark them with a piece of masking tape so you can see them quickly. Before the cleaners get started, show them the spots that you are most interested in cleaning. They’ll be able to spend some extra time at these points and get rid of the stains.

Get Your Office Carpets Cleaned Today

Take advantage of the finest cleaning services in Detroit and call Augie’s Janitorial Services today! We offer top-quality carpet cleaning services, window washing, groundskeeping, and so much more. We’ll leave your business looking brand new every time we visit. Contact us today to schedule a cleaning consultation and to meet with one of our cleaning experts.