The work day is always busy. You’re managing accounts, pitching ideas, green lighting new services, and so much more. At the center of this work is your desk. A natural extension of your mind, your desk reflects your work and your demeanor. A busy mind means a busy, and often cluttered desk. But keeping your desk clean can offer you a variety of benefits that let you quiet your mind and improve your work. Join Augie’s, the premier cleaning service in Detroit, as we offer you some tips for cleaning your desk, and finding your zen at work.

Keeping Your Desk Organized Keeps You Organized

Do you have a paper calendar cluttered with reminders, as well as a calendar on your computer, phone, and tablet? Do you still forget about deadlines? It might be because you have too much going on at your desk. If your desk is buried in all of these various calendars, devices, papers, and notes, you likely struggle to keep things straight. An organized desk means a tidy desk, which allows you to focus on one task at a time, and better remember those important deadlines.

A Clean Desk Allows You To Be More Creativity

Much like a blank sheet of paper before an artist, a clean desk is full of potential. A blank slate, or a clean desk, in this case, has no other distractions or hints of what should be. Instead, a clean desk allows you to fully focus on the topic at hand and ignore side projects or distracting details.

A Clean Desk Frees Up Your Time

Many people avoid cleaning their desks because they think it will take too much time. Yes, cleaning your desk and organizing the files and papers that litter its surface might be a time-intensive activity depending on the state of your desk, but think of home much time you spend every day sorting through piles and stacks of work anyway. Cleaning your desk and keeping your work organized ensures that you always know where everything is. You’ll find files faster, pull up reports with ease, and spend more time actually getting your work done.

Less Clutter Means Less Stress

Our bodies react naturally to chaos and clutter by evoking a stress response. Your cluttered desk might be the reason you always feel tense when you get to work. By cleaning your desk, you’re also reducing the amount of stress you feel at work. A clean desk means fewer distractions that can create a negative association between yourself and your work. Cleaning your desk can leave you feeling relaxed and positive about your work, making the day go by faster and leaving you with more energy at the end of the workday.

Keep Your Desk Clean With Augie’s

While we can’t organize your desk for you, we can keep it clean with our commercial cleaning services. Augie’s is Detroit’s preferred cleaning service for businesses of all sizes. Let us help you find your zen at work with our masterful cleaning skills. Contact Augie’s today!