When you run your own business, you’re busy with a wide variety of projects. Everything from product launches, to marketing campaigns and more keep you focused on the smooth operation of your office. Don’t let something like cleaning distract you from the priorities of your business. Augie’s Janitorial is proud to offer our complete cleaning services to businesses and office in Royal Oak.

Comprehensive Facility Management And Maintenance

Our janitorial team specializes in a wide variety of services and skills that make keeping your business clean easy. Whether you need your bathroom and carpets cleaned, or if you need plumbing and carpentry work done, we can do it all. With more than 20 years of experience, the janitor’s at Augie’s have nearly seen it all, and have a quick fix for even the biggest cleaning and maintenance challenges.

How Often Do You Need Cleaning Services?

The way your business works is entirely unique. Your employees have a culture that is unmatched by your competitors. That means they have different work patterns and routines. The same can be said for the cleaning needs of your business. Fortunately, Augie’s can visit your business as often as you’d like. Whether that’s every day, or every month, every time our janitors visit your Royal Oak business, they’ll clean it top to bottom, making it a place that any employee would be proud to work in.

Floor Care

When your floors are covered in dirt and grime, it’s obvious. Not only is this unsightly, it’s also having an impact on the health of your employees and customers. At Augie’s, we have cleaning solutions for every kind of flooring, whether they’re hardwood floors or low-pile carpets.

Reach Out To Augie’s

Don’t compromise on the cleanliness of your business. We offer a free cleaning consultation for every business. Together, we can create a cleaning plan that takes your unique business and needs into consideration. Our plans will keep your business in Royal Oak clean, keeping in mind your schedule and your budget. Contact Augie’s Janitorial Service today for commercial cleaning in Royal Oak.