When it comes to keeping a clean, sanitized and tidy work environment, there is no compromising—from the team you hire to complete your commercial cleaning job to the happy customers and employees you seek to maintain, carefully considering every step of the the cleaning and sanitation process is essential. At Augie’s Janitorial Services, we are proud to offer the most thorough and professional commercial cleaning services in Auburn Hills including upholstery shampooing, floor scrubbing, concrete cleaning, consulting services, carpet cleaning, restroom sanitizing and more. There are countless reasons why it is beneficial to enlist professional janitorial services for all of your commercial cleaning needs. Learn more about what types of businesses we service and why you should trust our team to clean, organize and sanitize your workspace.

What is a commercial cleaning company?

A commercial cleaning company offers unparalleled cleaning services in the workplace. Not only do commercial cleaners (like the team at Augie’s Janitorial Services) know the proper cleaning techniques that will efficiently clean and sanitize your workspace, they also know the best products and cleaners to use on the job. In the past, companies would hire a new employee and teach that person how to clean their facility. Now, employers understand that hiring professional commercial cleaners will save them time and money! The expertise we, as a commercial cleaning company, bring to each job is invaluable and absolutely something every business must invest in.