Sure, it’s not necessarily a conversation starter, but the cleanliness of the bathrooms at your facility is essential for your business. Not only do your employees expect a clean bathroom to go to during the day, but if nature calls for your customers or potential clients and they walk in to the lavatory and see that there is no toilet paper and/or witness a mess (we won’t go into details), then it’s very likely that they won’t have a very high opinion of your business.

Here at Augie’s Janitorial Services, we know the importance of keeping your bathrooms immaculately clean. When you hire us for commercial cleaning services in Detroit, you don’t have to worry about a dirty restroom or any area in your building for that matter. In this post, we’ll talk a little bit about the importance of a clean bathroom and how it affects your business. If you don’t currently have a commercial cleaning company or you’re unhappy with the ones that you currently have employed, then make sure to contact us today!

A Clean Image

Even if your company is the best at what they do or sells the highest quality product, business won’t be booming if your restrooms scare everyone away. It’s known that customers that encounter an unsanitary bathroom won’t be likely to return. In fact, studies show that 73 percent of people think that it shows bad management. Customers will always take note. This is especially true if you are a restaurant or a store, and these days, news travels fast, so you can count on bad reviews spreading like wildfire. As crazy as it sounds, the cleanliness of your bathrooms reflects the quality of your business so you want to keep them as clean as possible.

Health Hazards

Bathrooms can be a hot zone for germs if they aren’t cleaned routinely, as well as being just plain gross. The flu and colds, as we all know, spread fast and an unsanitized restroom will certainly not help. Not only do you not want to get your customers, clients, or guests sick, but your employees as well. When a sickness sweeps through, it hits hard. And when you’re missing several of your workers your efficiency will drop and you’ll lose money. Not good. When you hire us for our professional cleaning services, this won’t be an issue. We’ll ensure that every single spot in the bathroom will be clean. We’ll sanitize the walls, floors, fixtures, and anywhere that someone’s hand may touch. This will help prevent those pesky germs from spreading.

Regular Upkeep

Bathrooms can’t be cleaned once and then left alone for the week. We all know what goes on in there, and even in one day, it can get pretty bad. We make the bathrooms a high priority so that the mess doesn’t add up. As your one-stop janitorial company, we also provide maintenance services. So not only will we keep the bathrooms clean, but you don’t have to worry about hiring a handyman to fix any leaks or other maintenance issues. We’ll get it taken care of!

Happy Employees

We all have to take bathroom breaks during the day, it’s just a part of being human. Your employees won’t be very pleased if they’d rather hold it in then go to a dirty bathroom. Happy employees are good for business. When they enjoy where they work, they’re found to be more productive and more likely to stay. You have to go during the day too, and we’re sure that, like all of us, you don’t enjoy an unclean lavatory either!

Keeping It Stocked

There’s not much worse than doing your business, reaching for the toilet paper, and grasping at air. If no one is there to slip you an extra roll, you’re stuck in position until someone comes in that can help. When you hire a day porter from us, this nightmare will never happen. You don’t need to have your employees take time out of their work day in order to make sure that all the items are stocked, we’ll make sure that the toilet paper, paper towels, soap, and everything else are always available.

Trust the Professionals

Why would you want to have your employees waste time cleaning and stocking the bathrooms when they could be doing their job? You may think that you’re saving money by keeping the job within your company, but you’re actually hurting your business’ productivity, and probably not making that specific employee very satisfied. You’re also probably not getting a very high-quality cleaning. You want the job to be left to the professionals. We are experts at what we do and will have your bathrooms so clean that you could eat off the surfaces (but, of course, we strongly discourage this).

So, do you want your bathrooms clean? Not only that but your entire facility? Contact Augie’s today for commercial cleaning services in Detroit!