In our blog posts, we’ve constantly reiterated the fact that the cleanliness of your facility reflects the quality of work that your company provides. So, if a potential client or partner walks in and immediately notices stained carpets, trash cans overflowing with waste, cluttered work areas, and a breakroom that resembles a warzone, then it’s unlikely that they will want to be in business with you. Not only that, but your own employees will be less productive working in a dirty environment. But, it’s not just the obvious areas that need to be cleaned. In this post, we’re going to let you know the areas that are most often neglected during a clean, even by some professional cleaning companies. But not Augie’s!

When you hire us for commercial cleaning services in Detroit, you can count on us to leave your facility spotless each and every time that clean. But if you’re currently using another cleaning company, be sure to check the following areas to see if you’re truly getting what you’re paying for. If you notice that these areas have been ignored, that’s a clear sign that you need to change companies! Contact Augie’s Janitorial Services today to get the most reliable and professional cleaning services around!


It’s unlikely that you’ve paid much attention to the baseboards around your office, no one really does. But that’s the problem! Baseboards are often overlooked, which means that they have likely been collecting dust for some time now. When you have a moment, take a tissue and run it along a section of your baseboards. Is it covered in dust and grime? Not only is this a little bit gross, but the dust and grime will eventually find its way into your HVAC system, which means that you and your employees are breathing it in day after day. This isn’t good for anybody.

Ceiling Fans

Since the fan blades are continuously circulating, they couldn’t gather any dust and particles, right? Wrong. Even while they are operating, fan blades act like glue to the particles in the air. More often than not, fan blades are ignored during a cleaning. It’s a classic case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Our team of professional cleaners has found a staggering amount of accumulation on fan blades when we first start cleaning for a new client, so we make it a point to dust and wipe down the blades each time we clean.


Do the walls really need to be cleaned? Of course they do! This is especially true for textured and walls covered with wallpaper. Dust and other dirty particles collect on the surface of the walls, and for some reason, they are never wiped down, even by so-called experts! We’ll make sure that your walls are thoroughly wiped down so that the next time you rest your hand on them as you take a second to gather your thoughts, your hand won’t come back covered in grime.

Light Fixtures

This one is more obvious than most, but still gets neglected! Light fixtures in commercial buildings are known to become a graveyard for an assortment of bugs. This is not what you, your employees, or clients want to see. For some reason, light fixtures are hardly ever cleaned! When you hire us for commercial cleaning, you don’t have to worry about looking up and seeing a pile of dead bugs. We’ll take care of it.

Switches and Door Knobs

Efficiency takes a downfall when your employees are constantly sick, which in turn costs you money. Germs spread quickly, and our hands are the culprit. Light switches and doorknobs are touched countless times by every single person in the office, so they should be a priority when it comes to cleaning, even if they don’t look dirty.


If you’re interviewing a potential employee, or ask a client to take a seat for a moment, you don’t want them to be sitting on stains or an accumulation of dirt and grime! Augie’s Janitorial Service will ensure that when you ask someone to take a seat, they’ll do so comfortably and without wondering what caused that odd stain or brushing their backside when they stand up.


Would you rather be breathing in clean or dirty air? Pretty easy question to answer. When you forget to clean the vents or have your air ducts clean, everyone in the building will be breathing in air full of contaminants, dust, hair, what have you. This isn’t ideal. Be sure to keep your vents cleaned and hire professionals to clean the ducts. This will also save you money on the monthly energy bill!

The good news is that when you hire Augie’s Janitorial Services, you can rest assured that all of these areas will be spic and span! If you’re currently in search of reliable commercial cleaning services in Detroit, you won’t regret hiring the team from Augie’s. Contact us today!