As the annual Halloween party comes to a close, you usher your employees out of the office. “One for the history books,” Tom from billing slurs, as he stumbles his way out the door, clad in his finest vampire attire. You grin and turn around to look at the chaos behind you. Candy wrappers are strewn about the office with abandon. A troubling amount of red solo cups are stacked haphazardly across desks and chairs. You detect the faintest whiff of a slightly burnt ottoman somewhere back in accounting. Yes, your business loves the annual Halloween party, but boy do you hate cleaning up after it. Fortunately, Augie’s Janitorial Services in Troy is here to offer you some quick tips on how to clean up after your office get-together.

Start With A Clean Slate

Perhaps the easiest way to keep a space clean after a party is to have it clean when your guests arrive. Arrange with our janitorial team to stop by the day before for a quick once-over of your office. Your guests will be less likely to make a mess if there isn’t a mess to begin with.

Make It Is To Keep Your Office Clean

Every office has that one trash can that’s seemingly always full or close to overflowing. If you’re short on trash cans in your office, you’re short on one of the most important party supplies. Give your guests plenty of obvious places to throw away or recycle their drinks and plates when they’re done with them. You can strategically place your waste bins by the major exits, bathrooms, and near the food and drink tables. People will be less likely to just stash their trash in Karen from marketing’s filing cabinet if they can quickly find a waste receptacle.

Have Ready Access To Cleaning Supplies

Your janitorial team does a great job of making messes disappear like magic when they come by. In reality, the magic is just the suite of cleaning products they use. Make sure you know where your janitors keep their cleaning supplies before you start the party. You can even ask your janitors to stock up on things like paper towels and cleaning sprays in preparation for the party so you don’t run out while you’re cleaning up.

Prioritize Your Cleaning Tasks

If, after your Halloween party, your office looks like the set of a college party film, you might feel a little daunted by the herculean cleaning task ahead of you. Take a deep breath, and start tackling the big items first. Throw out any half-eaten food, and pack the leftovers into the break room fridge. Next, pour out any leftover drinks, and store the extras in a cabinet. Do a load of dishes or two, then start separating your trash and recycling. Finally, start putting away your decorations. If you have a talented team of janitors on your side, like those at Augie’s Janitorial Service, you can leave the rest to us! We’ll wipe down your tables, desks, and windows, and lift those mysterious stains out of your carpet.

And you’re done! Don’t let the idea of a post-party mess keep you from living it up at your next office Halloween party. You can make clean up even easier by hiring a commercial cleaning service in Troy like Augie’s Janitorial Service! Connect with our cleaning specialists today to schedule a cleaning consultation!