For businesses owners in and around Troy who are looking for a competitive advantage, the answer might be right beneath their feet. The state of your carpets just might reflect the state of your business if you aren’t taking care of them regularly. Not convinced? Here at Augie’s Janitorial Service, we’ve seen first-hand the effect that commercial carpet cleaning can have on a business.

Clean Carpets Leave A Lasting Impression

Has a friend ever recommended a restaurant to you, but qualified their recommendation with a line like “The chow is great! Just ignore the stains on the floor.” Have you ever walked into a home, and the first thing your eyes jump to is that strange coloration on the carpeting? Carpets make more of a visual impact than we first admit. Your business communicates a certain set of values, or lack thereof, with the state your carpets are in. If you have clean, cared for carpets, your customers will immediately feel more comfortable in your establishment than your competitor who has dirty floors. Caring for your carpets tells your customers that you’ll care for them too, and they’re more likely to come back to your business in the future.

Clean Carpets Mean Better Air Quality

As people spend more and more time indoors, there’s increasing concern over the quality of the air they’re breathing inside. There are plenty of particulates, contaminants, and pollutants that make their way into your carpets. In fact, from the moment you put down new carpets in your office, you’re introducing pollutants that impact the quality of air. This problem is only amplified by the dust, dirt, allergens, and grime that your employees unknowingly track into your business on their shoes. Regular commercial carpet cleaning can drastically minimize the presence of these pollutants, improving the air quality. Your employees with respiratory issues like asthma, or even strong allergies, will likely experience immediate relief after the first cleaning. More generally, your employees will be able to breathe more easily, limiting the number of sick days they take.

Clean Carpets Save You Money

When it comes down to it, commercial carpet cleaning is an inexpensive way to keep your business looking great. In the long term, paying for a regular carpeting cleaning is far cheaper than paying for new carpets every few years. Don’t believe us? The average commercial carpet cleaning charges by the square foot, and it generally costs about $0.35 for every square foot. If your office is 1000 square feet, that’s $250. That might make your wallet cringe, but the average cost for a square foot of commercial grade carpeting is $3. Suddenly, you’re looking at $3,000 in just carpeting, not including the costs of installation and shipping and handling. So, commercial carpet cleaning looks pretty good in comparison. That means you could pay for a year’s worth of monthly carpet cleaning for the same price as a new carpet. That $250 will keep you from having to buy new carpeting as frequently, saving your business money that could be better used elsewhere.

Don’t Settle For Just Any Cleaning Service

Augie’s Janitorial Service offers the finest commercial carpet cleaning services in Troy, and the greater Detroit area. Connect with us today to schedule a cleaning consultation and start enjoying the benefits of a sparkling clean office!