When it comes to business, it’s extremely important for your establishment to be clean. The appearance of your hallways, conference rooms, and offices are often perceived as a direct representation of how you and your company conduct themselves. While windows are often wiped, and bathrooms scrubbed, the cleanliness of carpets and upholstery is constantly overlooked. Imagine a potential client coming in for the first time, walking atop a crumb infested carpet in the waiting room, only to avoid sitting on the couch due to an unknown stain on the cushion. All before even reaching your office! It’s unlikely that this business relationship will thrive.

At Augie’s Janitorial Services, we pride ourselves in providing the most thorough commercial cleaning in Waterford Township, and will not leave until your facility conveys the professionalism that your company provides. Offering a wide range of janitorial and maintenance services, we guarantee to leave your offices immaculate. Let’s take a look at just a few of the reasons why you shouldn’t ignore the carpet and upholstery in your building and hire us today.

Make an Impression

Whether it’s an investor, client, visitor, or your own employees, having your carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned will create a positive environment and garner favorable impressions. Just imagine walking through a competitor’s establishment. If you found yourself walking upon stained carpets and discolored upholstery, more than likely a satisfied grin would touch your lips. Don’t make the same mistake. Appearance matters! Let the cleanliness of your offices represent the quality of business that you do.

Enhance Productivity

Aside from weekends and holidays, most of our time away from home is at work. It’s hard to take any pride in your work if the hallways resemble a college dorm room. Surprising as it may be, the cleaner your business is, the higher the productivity. When employees are in a clean environment, the quality and quantity of their work increases. It also gains confidence amongst workers knowing that their employer cares about the image of the business, and the comfortability of their employees.

Improve Air Quality

When a virus hits the office, it can spread like wildfire. With so many people working close together, if just one gets sick, every surface they’ve touched is prone to spreading the illness. Yes, this includes your carpets and upholstery. Getting routine commercial cleaning significantly helps as well as our professional carpet and upholstery cleaning will remove all the dirt, dust, and other debris hiding amongst the fibers. This will not only help with any lingering odors, but improve the overall air quality within the office.

Go With the Professionals

You might think that doing the carpet and upholstery cleaning yourself, or hiring a lowly intern to do it, will save you money. But in the long run, this is not the case. Having a novice do the cleaning will not only pale in comparison to our professional services, but also increase the likelihood that the material will get damaged. We understand the importance of having your business spotless, and we guarantee that we’ll exceed your expectations. Let us help your company grow, contact us today.