Appearances matter, especially in the world of business. An office that’s carelessly and haphazardly cleaned can make employees feel less productive and make business partners feel that the company as a whole would rather cut corners than do things right. Smudged windows, overflowing trash receptacles, grimy floors, it all adds up to a poor appearance for everyone.

Augie’s Janitorial Services knows that a clean office is a place where your people are happier, your clients are impressed by the immaculate presentation of your professional space, and you’ve got one more advantage against the competition. That’s why we aim to be your one stop shop for all of your cleaning needs.

First, we offer customizable cleaning schedules for your business. Services can be provided once per week, up to 7 times per week, twice per month, or once per month. Either way, it’s designed to keep your facilities clean, fresh, and looking amazing throughout the weeks, months, and years. Also, our company has been serving clients in Macomb, Oakland, Genesee, LaPeer, and Wayne counties for 10 years. We have over 19 years of industry experience, which means when we arrive for a job, regardless of the size or complexity, you can rest assured that it will be done thoroughly, professionally, and on time.

Our pricing is designed to be competitive and fair. If you’re wondering about the right cleaning schedule for your budget, we’ll come to you and, at no charge, provide a free consultation and proposal. Ready to get started? Contact us today by phone or online!