A commercial cleaning service for your business is more than just a monthly expense; it’s a sound investment into the long-term prosperity of your business. With our array of cleaning services, Augie’s Janitorial can keep your Bloomfield Business looking truly spectacular, helping to retain your current clients, bring in new clients, and keeping your employees happy and productive.

Commercial Cleaning For Bloomfield Hills

Not convinced that keeping your business clean is a sound investment? Did you know that the economy loses an estimated $41 billion annually due to sick days? The average employee takes nine sick days per year due to illnesses they contract at work. Keeping your office clean also means keeping your employees healthy. You’ll lose less productive time to sick days, and your employees will feel better about coming to work knowing that their workspace is clean and germ-free.

Floor Cleaning

At Augie’s Janitorial Services, we offer floor cleaning services, no matter what your floor is made of. From carpets to tiles, we have specialized cleaning techniques and products that will rid them of dirt, grime, and stains, and help them last longer. Your floors will look good as new when you work with our janitors!

Day Porter Services

We understand that messes can be made any time of the day. That’s why we offer day porter services. Our janitors will work during regular business hours to keep your lobby and community spaces clean. They’ll also clean and restock your restrooms, ensuring that no one runs out of paper towels when they need them most. We’ll also take the time to take out your trash and recycle.

Cleaning Consulting With Augie’s Janitorial

Every business in Bloomfield Hills has different needs and requires from their cleaning services. That’s why we offer our premier cleaning consultations. Our janitors will work with you to develop a cleaning regimen that fits your schedule, needs, and budget. Contact Augie’s today for top-tier cleaning services in Bloomfield Hills!